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MK LAW Provides 1st Class & Professional Court Representation.

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Michael Kuzilny – MK LAW Reviews

One of Australia’s leading criminal law firms.

The director, Michael Kuzilny, has been working in the criminal justice system since 1986, that’s more than 30 years of expertise and contacts in the criminal justice system. We don’t just know the law; we know the system!

We can make a massive difference to your court proceedings. With more than 500 five star client reviews we are dedicated to providing each client with the highest calibre of legal representation available, at the lowest possible price.

Due to our progressive workload at MK LAW we only deal with matters going to Court. We do not handle or have the capacity to deal with enquiries about Vic Roads Demerit points or Penalty Notices such as speeding fines, parking fines, seat belts etc, unless you have a summons or have been bailed to attend Court. So if you have a summons or have been bailed to appear in Court, or are awaiting a summons; please call us now.

  • Over 30 years Court experience
  • Excellent Court representation
  • Over 500 5 star reviews
  • Proven results
  • Down to earth attitude & fees
  • Free advice / free home or work visits / a/hours appointments
  • MK will get you through the tough times

At MK LAW we represent clients at the following Courts: Melbourne, Frankston, Dandenong, Moorabbin, Ringwood, Broadmeadows, Sunshine, Werribee, & Geelong.

We also represent clients in all country Courts, and have visiting offices Australia wide.


Criminal Law

Our success rate in criminal law cases is huge.


We specialize in representing clients for serious fraud.

County Court Appeals

We represents clients who are unhappy with the decisions handed down to them.

Sex Offences & Internet Charges

Damage control requires you talk with us as early as possible.

Every Area Of The Law

We work with an excellent team in all areas of the law.

Traffic Offences

We are expert in the defence and representation of all traffic offences.

Drink Driving

Our success rate in drink driving cases is huge.

Driving While Suspended

We will do everything in our power to ensure you don’t end up with a prison term.


  • Despite the circumstances I put myself in while being in Australia...

    Michael not only gave me a sense of assurance in the matter but offered an unchallenged friendship. He's really good at what he does and I would recommend him to literally anyone; the years of experience under his belt really make themselves evident when he talks and most importantly he treats his clients with dignity. 11/10 Top man. Thanks for turning it into a fun experience Michael!
  • Michael and his team absolutely smashed it out of the park for me ..

    Went to great lengths and was always updating me with information and the process.. they worked so hard in such little time and achieved amazing results for me when I was facing some serious charges . Can’t thank them enough.. highly recommend MK LAW !!!!!!
    Ash Brown
  • Micheal went above and beyond. Very sympathetic to my situation and genuinely cared.

    Went above and beyond for me. Something you don’t get often from lawyers. He performed very well in court. I felt safe and in good hands represented by him. His very comforting and positive. At the end of the day the outcome was what I had hoped for. Highly recommend him. My #1 choice. Thank you Micheal. Love you bro.
    Moey Issa

MK Law Will Protect Your Rights

We are experts in dealing with all Criminal Law and Traffic matters; and have a collaboration with excellent and dedicated Referral partners in every area of the law!  You can call anytime; and we will take you through your options; and help you to get on top of your legal challenge promptly; and at the right cost.

Whatever the legal challenge, we will fix it!  Promptly and at the right price!

You can call 24/7 for free confidential advice in relation to your upcoming court case or you can speak to one of our associates in relation to all areas of the law including:  Criminal Law, Traffic Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Immigration law, Commercial & business, Litigation, and Debt Collection.

With our head office in Collins Street Melbourne; our dedicated team members can meet you anywhere you like; even after hours.   We have visiting offices in all suburbs of Victoria.  We also have premium legal offices Australia wide.

The first interview is always free.  It is then entirely up to you how or if you wish to proceed.  No pressure; all we want to do is help you get through this legal challenge!

Legal Cost:   At MK LAW we put service first and keep the cost structure very simple. There is one flat legal fee; no hidden extras.  We will work out the cost for our case, involved and inform you immediately after the free interview.  You decide!  We offer first class & Powerful legal representation at a very reasonable price!

At MK LAW we have a proven success record with tens of thousands of outstanding results.   We pride ourselves on Excellence in everything we do; so that you the client will get the ultimate benefit – peace of mind!

We will vigorously fight for your legal rights and get you the best outcome possible. Feel free to call Michael Kuzilny or one of our team  24/7 on 0415 557 011 or 1800 130 120 anytime to get the ball rolling..

Stay safe and happy! Please don’t delay your case any further; call now!

Best wishes from Michael Kuzilny.


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