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MK Law Firm
MK LAW Provides 1st Class & Professional Court Representation.

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Voted Best Criminal Lawyers
Melbourne 2019

Voted Best Traffic Lawyers
Melbourne 2019

MK Law Firm

Melbourne’s Best Criminal & Traffic Law Firm. All Police Charges / Outstanding Outcomes!

With over 30 years’ experience in the criminal justice system, MK LAW provide exceptional Court representation and customer service. We have progressed to become market leaders in representing clients in all Magistrates Courts of Victoria. We represent clients for all criminal, traffic and family violence matters. We also handle County court trials, appeals, and court representation for Commonwealth Offences. We can assist you with all legal enquiries in any legal stream and we have offices in every state of Australia. We have achieved tens of thousands of winning outcomes, been awarded numerous legal business awards, and have achieved hundreds of excellent 5 star reviews from our clients over the years.

We wish to send you and your family our love & best wishes navigating these challenging months of the coronavirus. Here at MK LAW we will work with you with very flexible & discounted legal fees including extended payment plans during 2020 to make things easier for you. Don’t worry, we will not give up on you!

We promise you we’ll go the extra mile to get you or your loved ones through the tough times, and give you peace of mind. You can call us for FREE legal advice or come in for a FREE case analysis for your upcoming court case (takes about 20 minutes).

To organize a FREE interview with Michael Kuzilny; please call or text Michael directly on 041 555 7011 or his executive assistant Miss Tamzyn Roadknight. You can also email if you wish: mk@mklawfirm.com.au or FREECALL 1800 130 120. Feel free to call anytime between 8am and 11pm 7 days a week. (Leave a message outside these hours.)

We can organize a FREE CONSULTATION in our office; do a FREE home visit, or offer FREE FACETIME or Zoom-Room ; even after hours. Down to Earth attitude & fees!

You may have seen MK on a billboard somewhere or you may have seen his TV show “Tough Times Never Last”. Michael’s passion has always been to help people get through the tough times of life, whether it’s helping you in Court, through his books or his TV shows.

For a bit of inspiration & positive vibes during these challenging months; you can watch some of MK’s inspirational interviews on YouTube and Facebook. The “Michael Kuzilny Show” Tough Times; airs every Friday Night at 9pm on Foxtel Aurora.

Facebook: The Michael Kuzilny Show | Tough Times
Youtube: The Michael Kuzilny Show

Best Criminal & Traffic Law Lawyers Melbourne – All Magistrates Courts & County Court

At MK LAW we don’t only know the law; we know the system. Michael has a powerful and caring legal team behind him. Excellent contacts are important. Michael Kuzilny has over the last 3 decades carefully cultivated long-lasting relationships with the police, the prosecutors, the courts, the Magistrates, and other prosecuting agencies. It makes a world of difference when you have been around the criminal justice system since 1986!

STOP YOUR CASE FROM GOING AHEAD! We are frequently successful at persuading police informants not to file charges or not to authorize briefs. This means you don’t have to go to Court at all!

The Courts are slow with listings at present; however it is still of vital and paramount importance you call us promptly so we can starting working on your case immediately. The sooner you call the more time we have to work on your defence or factors in mitigation. This will ensure you get the best outcome possible!


CALL / TEXT NOW: Michael 041 555 7011 or Tamzyn Roadknight: 0403 690 661. FREECALL: 1800 130 120 or email mk@mklawfirm.com.au.

Our main office is situated at: MK LAW, Level 1, 284 Bay Street Brighton VIC 3186.

The first interview is completely FREE and strictly confidential.

A message from MICHAEL KUZILNY

Hi it’s Michael Kuzilny saying a big hello. I know you are going through some tough times my friend with all this uncertainty about the COVID-19; and at the same time dealing with your Court case. You may be feeling down, isolated and extremely anxious. Rest assured please; things will get much better. I will help you or your loved ones! I make a commitment to you that I will take massive, powerful & fearless action to get you get through your court case, and I will get your life back on track. I will go the extra mile for you and leave no stone unturned. I already know what you need. I fully understand your concerns that you don’t want this case to ruin or affect your future. I will make absolutely certain that I will get you the best outcome possible. Soon you will be smiling again and have peace of mind.

I will listen carefully and not judge you. All our conversations are strictly confidential. You can call me anytime for a chat about your case. Please remember; the sooner you make an appointment, the greater the chances of success or your court case not proceeding at all. I honour and respect you and look forward to meeting you. Always remember Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do. Love & Best wishes from Michael Kuzilny.


All Traffic Charges

Avoid Convictions / Avoid & minimize Licence Loss!

Driving Suspended or Disqualified

Avoid Licence Loss / Avoid convictions / Avoid Jail!

Drink Driving

Our success rate in drink driving cases is huge. Avoid /minimize licence loss !

All Criminal Charges

Our success rate in criminal law cases is huge. Avoid Jail / Avoid Conviction!

All Sex Offences & Internet Charges

Feel free to contact us for a strictly confidential chat to avoid conviction. / Avoid Jail!

Fraud & Theft

Protect your reputation / Avoid jail / avoid convictions !

County Court Appeals

Our success rate at Appeals are huge in achieving winning results !

Other Areas Of The Law

We have an excellent team of referral lawyers we can refer you to.


  • Despite the circumstances I put myself in while being in Australia...

    Michael not only gave me a sense of assurance in the matter but offered an unchallenged friendship. He's really good at what he does and I would recommend him to literally anyone; the years of experience under his belt really make themselves evident when he talks and most importantly he treats his clients with dignity. 11/10 Top man. Thanks for turning it into a fun experience Michael!
  • Michael and his team absolutely smashed it out of the park for me ..

    Went to great lengths and was always updating me with information and the process.. they worked so hard in such little time and achieved amazing results for me when I was facing some serious charges . Can’t thank them enough.. highly recommend MK LAW !!!!!!
    Ash Brown
  • Micheal went above and beyond. Very sympathetic to my situation and genuinely cared.

    Went above and beyond for me. Something you don’t get often from lawyers. He performed very well in court. I felt safe and in good hands represented by him. His very comforting and positive. At the end of the day the outcome was what I had hoped for. Highly recommend him. My #1 choice. Thank you Micheal. Love you bro.
    Moey Issa

Protect Your reputation / Avoid Jail / Avoid Licence Loss

To organize a FREE interview with MK please call 1800 130 120.

Our main office is situated at: MK LAW, Level 1, 284 Bay Street Brighton VIC 3186.

We also have our CBD office at Level 8, 350 Collins Street Melbourne. We can see you in all suburbs and can even FACETIME after hours to discuss your upcoming court case. Simply call or text your enquiry and we will get back to your promptly.

The first interview is completely free and confidential. It is then entirely up to you how or if you wish to proceed.

  • Over 30 years Court experience.
  • All Magistrates Courts and County Court.
  • Over 500 5-star reviews – Thousands of Winning Results!
  • Down to earth attitude & fees – Fixed price quote.
  • Free advice / Free 1st Consultation / After Hours Facetime Interviews Now Available.

MK Law Will Protect Your Rights & Give you peace of mind!

MICHAEL KUZILNY “I know you may be going through some tough times right now. Good people make mistakes. Whatever you went through, you had something to learn from the experience.

Today is “Get up and go day” my friend; time to forgive yourself and start living your life with happiness and peace of mind. I am committed to go the extra mile for you; to make sure we get through this legal challenge promptly so you can peacefully and joyfully move on with your life again.

I will listen carefully and not judge you. I know you are a good person. All our conversations will be strictly confidential. Please remember; the sooner you make an appointment, the greater the chances of success or your court case not proceeding at all. I honour and respect you and look forward to meeting you. Best wishes from Michael Kuzilny. God bless you “

If you, or a loved one have been interviewed / or charged TAKE ACTION NOW. We will vigorously do some damage control, and get you through this case in a prompt and simple manner.

To organize a FREE interview with Michael Kuzilny; please call 1800 130 120 or 0415 557 011. Feel free to call anytime! We are happy to speak to you anytime even a/ hours or weekends.


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