What happens if you have been charged with Driving Dangerously?

Dangerous driving can sometimes be charged in combination to the alternative charge of careless driving for the same fact pattern of alleged offending. Dangerous driving is a more serious charge.

Elements of the Offence

The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt:

  1. The offence occurred at the time and place alleged
  2. The accused was the driver of the vehicle
  3. The accused drove at a speed or manner that was dangerous to the public in all the circumstances.


Upon a finding of guilt, a person may face up to 240 penalty units, a mandatory licence loss of 12 months minimum and up to two years imprisonment.

Am I Facing Licence Suspension if Found Guilty?

Dangerous driving carries with it a mandatory minimum 12 month licence suspension

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What Happens Next?

Whilst the legislation provides a mandatory minimum 12 months licence suspension upon a finding of guilt, one must remember that this is the statutory minimum period with higher licence loss periods possible in consideration of any aggravating features including an accused person’s driving record. The offence of Dangerous Driving is serious, and the Courts look unfavourably on this type of offending due to the risk an alleged offender posed on other road users.

As such, we highly recommend contacting our office today to discuss your matter with our experienced criminal Lawyers to ensure we get you the best possible outcome with minimum licence loss. In some cases, the facts of your case may lean towards the lesser charge of careless driving which places a discretion on the Court as to whether they suspend your licence.

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