Michael Kuzilny – Trusted Legal Analyst On National Television

Michael is a trusted legal expert in the mass media and has progressed to become one of Australia’s leading Criminal Defence Lawyers.

Michael is passionate about informing and educating the public on our criminal justice system, and breaking down so that everyone can understand it.

Michael was the legal Correspondent for Channel 7 SUNRISE for several years, speaking to hundreds of thousands of viewers on morning live television for many years.

Michael has provided commentary on various broadcast programs including including:

  • Sunrise and Weekend Sunrise
  • A Current Affair
  • Today Tonight
  • The Morning Show
  • All National News Channels

Other previous appearances:

Michael recently featured on the popular podcast Life and Crimes with Andrew Rule, talking about his Life in Crime. A great listen.

The podcast reaches 90,000 people and has been one of Newscorp’s highest rated podcasts for the last two years.

Other Media appearances by MICHAEL KUZILNY

MK Law - Michael Kuzilny – Trusted Legal Analyst On National Television

MK Law - The Morning Show - 5th May 2021

The Morning Show - 5th May 2021

“From how you to dress to oversharing on social media, lawyer and legal analyst Michael Kuzilny joined us to reveal the surprising reasons why you could be sacked!”
MK Law - The Morning Show - 15th April 2021

The Morning Show - 15th April 2021

“Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends – but experts are warning that it can see you slapped with defamation charges if you don’t think before you post.”
MK Law - Sunrise - 18th October 2020

Sunrise - 18th October 2020

“Covid Criminals – Surge of ‘good’ people getting into legal trouble”

MK Law - Sunrise - 27th September 2020

Sunrise - 27th September 2020

“New powers of arrest – Unprecedented powers for Authorised Officers”
MK Law - Fine Fight (A Current Affair)

Fine Fight (A Current Affair)

MK Law - Speeding Police (Today Tonight)

Speeding Police (Today Tonight)

MK Law - Corby Case (Channel 7 Sunrise)

Corby Case (Channel 7 Sunrise)

MK Law - Facing Court (Channel 7 Sunrise)

Facing Court (Channel 7 Sunrise)

MK Law - Know Your Rights (Channel 7 Sunrise)

Know Your Rights (Channel 7 Sunrise)

MK Law - Arnie (Today Tonight)

Arnie (Today Tonight)

MK Law - Fines Exposed (A Current Affair)

Fines Exposed (A Current Affair)

MK Law - Lotto Feud (A Current Affair)

Lotto Feud (A Current Affair)

MK Law - McDonalds Sued

McDonalds Sued

MK Law - Sisters Court (The Morning Show)

Sisters Court (The Morning Show)

MK Law - Papparazzi (The Morning Show)

Papparazzi (The Morning Show)

MK Law - Citizens Arrest (Channel 7 Sunrise)

Citizens Arrest (Channel 7 Sunrise)

MK Law - Sex Compensation (Channel 7 Sunrise)

Sex Compensation (Channel 7 Sunrise)

MK Law - Camera Watchdog (Today Tonight)

Camera Watchdog (Today Tonight)