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At MK LAW we have a collaboration with excellent and dedicated Referral partners in every area of the law! These lawyers are straight shooters, guns in their field, have years of experience, and will get you the right outcome!

You can call anytime; and we will take you through your options; and help you to get on top of your legal challenge promptly; and at the right cost.

Whatever the legal challenge, we will fix it! Promptly and at the right price!

You can call 24/7 for free confidential advice in relation to your upcoming court case or you can speak to one of our associates in relation to all areas of the law including: Criminal Law, Traffic Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Immigration law, Commercial & business, TAC claims, Defamation and litigation & debt collection.

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Michael Kuzilny

Advice on all areas of commercial law

Uncollected debts cost businesses billions of dollars every year which causes a negative effect on the bottom line. Our company’s goal is to assist with solutions to maximize your profits and increase your company’s bottom line.

Our MK LAW debt collection associate referral partners will customize a collection plan which meets your specific needs. We recognize that each and every client is important to our success. We treat each client, big and small, as if they were our only client.

Collecting a debt may seem impossible for many. Our associates have decades of powerful experience and contacts to get on top of your debt issues. When the debtors get tough; we get tougher and destroy the challenge!

Since 1990, we have been serving as a trustworthy, nationally licensed and reliable debt collection agency in Melbourne. We have helped thousands of businesses collect their unpaid accounts internationally in a process that is quick and effective.

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Don’t get burnt – Know your Rights! Our MK LAW dedicated Family Law Associates know all the latest updates and loopholes in family law, and they know the system better than most. Our powerful family law team of referral partners treat your family like our family. We understand the unique challenges that come with every case and treat each case as it should be treated…individually!

Our MK LAW referral partners are some of Australia’s leading Immigration lawyers who have successfully helped thousands of new arrivals into Australia.

Immigration Help

Get our expert knowledge of Australian immigration and citizenship laws. Whether you are outside Australia or located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, we can help you.

Recovering from a traffic accident is a stressful situation. Very often, there are many unexpected costs one has to consider. Our MK LAW TAC Claim associates use an industry-first model to recover all of the legal costs from your insurance company so that you are left with zero costs.

Our Transport Accident Commission (TAC) claims in Melbourne are a great way to pay for the support you need to get back on track after an accident. We can pay your temporary income support if you are unable to work because of injuries, manage your TAC claims at all times and pay for you to recover after the accident.

We deal with injury law in a unique way that is different to any traditional or corporate firms. By putting our clients first, we focus on recovery and a process that takes away the stress of legal fees.

If you have had an accident that involved a car, tram, bus, bicycle, motorbike or any other type of motorised vehicle, you may be compensated.

All you need to do is to contact us today by visiting this page or by call us directly at 1800 130 120.

Our professional MK LAW property law Referral partners are here to provide client-focused solutions, covering the full scope of property law including conveyancing, powers of attorney, will and estate lawyers and estate disputes.

What we guarantee are reputable services, practical solutions that always protect your interest and a special focus on your personal circumstances. We use a community-focused approach to all problem solving, helping you make most of your property.

For more information on how our property law experts can help you, feel free to contact us today by visiting this page or by call us directly at 1800 130 120.

Our personal injury referral partners are have a powerful legal team focusing on negligence and compensation claims made under contract law and statutory schemes.

The types of situations during which you can benefit from our personal injury law services include injuries (including fatal ones) caused by motor vehicles, harm suffered as a result of being victim of crime, workplace injuries, accidents on someone else’s property and harm caused by faulty goods or products.

You can claim for past and future medical expenses, past and future loss of earnings, funeral costs, non-monetary damages and material damages.

For immediate assistance with your personal injury case, make sure to contact us today by visiting this page or by call us directly at 1800 130 120.

If you are considering a business structure and are seeking legal advice about your new professional practice, it is important that you consult a professional.

Thanks to the massive regulatory changes in most professions, professionals are now allowed to choose from a range of practice structures (partnerships, companies, sole trading units, discretionary trust units, unit trusts, service trusts etc.)

Our associates will professionally advice you and guide you to appropriate business structure that tailors to your needs, as well as setting it up in the most effective and cost-effective manner. We can assist you with every single document, the entry and exit of professionals in a practice as well as complete reviews on the efficiency of your business and/or potential restructuring.

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