Here are some short and sharp answers.

Who is MKLAW?
AThe team consists of me, Michael Kuzilny, my executive assistant, and a handful of sharp legal minds with whom I work in conjunction. I have been working in the criminal justice system for many years. I am on top of the current laws and loopholes and pride myself on achieving the best outcome for all my clients. I know this is a stressful time for you. We will make the process of going to court pain free and simple. We will treat you like a good friend, and keep you updated every step along the way.

The good news is that if it comes to criminal law and traffic charges I will certainly represent you at all times, and not pass you onto some junior lawyer like you get in a lot of legal firms these days. If the matter falls outside traffic and criminal law, we can certainly refer you to a range of good and decent lawyers who we work with on a regular basis.

I will always give you fearless and courageous representation. Whether we plead guilty or not guilty or negotiate for charges to be withdrawn, in all cases I will fight strongly for your legal rights, with a view of getting you the best outcome and hopefully making your life a bit happier again. Everything we discuss will be confidential. I will keep costs to a minimum and charge you a fair legal fee for my services.

Do I need a lawyer?
AIf you have been summoned or bailed to appear in court, I think you probably already know that it is very important to appoint a lawyer to represent you. Deciding to represent yourself is usually not a good move. You obviously stand a far less chance of obtaining a good outcome. You could end up behind bars, or lose your licence for much longer than otherwise. Furthermore, if you waste the court’s time because you do not know the correct procedures and protocols, you risk incurring the magistrate’s or judge’s displeasure. The best advice is “Leave it to your lawyer.” I can only take on a limited number of clients each month, so please call me as soon as possible after you receive your summons to attend court.
Will all lawyers get the same outcome?
ANo. Like any profession or trade, there are competent lawyers and others who are not so competent. There are lawyers with big egos, lawyers who put money first, and lawyers who love to put other lawyers down, so they can get the job over another lawyer.

I understand everyone is giving it their best shot. Your appearance in court, however, is too important to be left up to chance. If your lawyer gets it wrong, and you end up in prison or lose your licence for too long, you’ll be faced with having to spend more money on expensive appeals. In saying that, there are plenty of good and competent lawyers practicing in Victoria. Ring around and find someone that best suits your needs.

How much does it cost?
AEach case is different, of course. First we have to work out which way to plead, and then we will work out the cheapest way to do it, in one flat fee. Our legal fees are very reasonable, and they can be paid on credit card or in installments if you wish.

One thing I can promise you is this. I will not charge you the proverbial “arm and a leg.” Once I have spoken with you by phone and obtained a good understanding of your case, we will then meet up as soon as possible to decide which way to plead. The decision whether to plead guilty or not guilty will include the nature of the charge, the likelihood of you being found guilty, the strength of the evidence against you, and the advantage in penalty by pleading guilty.

If I choose to represent you, I will keep the costs down. I will tell you my fee and that will be that. It will be a flat fee for all legal work and court representation. No gimmicks. I won’t charge you for phone calls or find other smart ways of making your bill larger.

What will you do to get me the best result possible?
AI will give you honest, prompt, and powerful court representation. If we decide that I can help you with your case, I will meet up with you asap and find out all the positive things about you and your case, and find out exactly what happened on the day of the offence. I will then get the brief, and organize meetings with all relevant parties.

I’ve been around the criminal justice system for many years, and I will do everything possible to help you get your life back on track, including to vigorously attack the prosecution brief if needed.

I realize life is stressful enough without having a court case hanging over your head. So once we meet up and I get my instructions from you, you can then sit back and relax. There is nothing more you need to do except come to court on the day, and perhaps organize some character references or some other reports. I will handle the rest. I will make this as painless and simple for you as possible. I promise! Your future is in safe hands.

What happens if I’m not happy with my outcome?
AIf you are not happy with the outcome at the Magistrates’ Court, we can appeal within 28 days to have the case re-heard at the County Court. This means we get a second chance to represent the case. It is very rare that I have appealed any of the cases I have appeared in. I think it is better to get it right the first time, and get the problem out of the way at the earliest opportunity.
Received a summons or on bail?
AIf you have received your summons or you are on bail, please call me promptly. The sooner we can get start working on your case, and do some damage control the better. Please do not leave this important matter until the last minute. Better to get onto it promptly and put it behind us and move on with life.

You can contact me anytime directly on 0415 557 011 to have an obligation-free chat, or you can also e-mail me for some free confidential advice

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I wish you all the very best, and look forward to speaking to you soon. Best wishes from Michael Kuzilny.