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Michael Kuzilny from MK LAW has been working in the Criminal Justice System of Victoria for over 30 years. MK LAW are market leaders when it comes to domestic violence /assault charges and intervention orders.

At MK LAW we have decades of experience in swiftly sorting out domestic violence situations with Victoria Police and the Courts, so that you can go back to your home and lead a happy and peaceful life; and work on making the relationship more solid and loving.

Michael Kuzilny fully understands life can be tough; and so can relationships. Sometimes life can get so stressful that couples start arguing, along with other life stressors, domestic situations can come out of no-where and are often unexpected. The causes of domestic violence can range from stress, depression, anxiety, other people influencing parties in the relationship, alcohol and drugs, financial hardship, work problems or simply not being able to communicate effectively.

MK Law can provide 24/7 legal advice regarding charges of this nature by calling 1800 130 120 immediately.


Before you know it, Victoria Police come knocking on your door, asking questions of who started the altercation, with the intent to arrest one of the parties, and prosecute them. These scenarios happen frequently to good people, and the consequences if not dealt with promptly can truly ruin your life, your employment and travel prospects.

If you don’t act promptly; you will have an Intervention order placed against you, you won’t be able to go and stay at your family home, and every family member suffers.

The Courts, the government and the Police are now tougher on these type of family violence related offences than ever before. Some say they may have gone a bit overboard, even when the dispute may have been minor, and the family members don’t wish any further police or court action. Here at MK LAW we have heard from thousands of people in recent years, who have made up, have worked on their relationship, and wish to do their very best to make the relationship work. They call the police, submit ‘Statements of No Complaint, and make endless calls to say they don’t want any further action; but police investigators rarely listen. Their main aim is to prosecute, regardless of the wishes of the parties. It’s quite disgraceful at times. Rather than helping people bond and sort out their differences, more emphasis is placed on getting a successful prosecution.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a domestic violence offence, or breaching an intervention order, or anything related to domestic violence please feel free to call MK LAW promptly; so we can help you with any court proceedings. We will do our very best to ensure charges do not proceed or are not authorized by Victoria Police.

Michael Kuzilny has been dealing with these types of situations since 1986; and he knows how frustrating it can be for all family members, when the often the breadwinner of the family; cannot come home, and is facing a possible term of imprisonment. Let’s face it; no-one likes domestic violence and if a person persists in being angry, and doesn’t learn from their actions, then often the courts only option is a custodial sentence. But if someone understands they made a mistake, and are willing to show the courts they have taken some positive and courageous action to modify their behaviour’ positive results follow.

Feel free to call Michael & his powerful team of legal experts to help you through the tough times. Before you know it, everything will have sorted itself out, and you will look back and learn some valuable life lessons from the experience.

Exceptional Outcomes

These are some of the high profile cases I have represented. Don’t worry, your case will probably not hit the media. These are either high profile cases, or cases with exceptional outcomes. We do everything in our power to avoid cases being published in the media.

Exceptional Outcomes
MK Law - Exceptional Outcomes