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Are you facing drink driving charges?

Excellent Court Representation (No demerit point or traffic fines advice)

Michael Kuzilny is wildly acknowledged to be an expert in the defence and representation of Drink Driving Charges in Victoria. He has been studying and analysing Victoria’s drink driving legislation since 1986. He has completed many courses in traffic alcohol law and has completed the Victoria Police breath analysis course; which gives MK LAW a leading edge in this delicate area of the law.

Michael prides himself on having an extensive & up to date knowledge on all drink driving issues, loopholes and upcoming legislation changes. His wealth of experience as a Melbourne drink driving lawyer will be used to personally ensure you receive the best advice and the best possible outcome to your case.

OUR SUCCESS RATE IN DRINK DRIVING CASES IS HUGE in either avoiding or greatly reducing or minimizing driving suspensions.

Drink driving is a serious charge and Victoria has some of the strictest drink driving laws in Australia. If you or a loved one has been charged with a second or subsequent drink driving offence, or a first time offence with a very high reading, please contact this office urgently.

If there is no real defence, then we certainly won’t waste your time and money in stringing you along, and making up silly stories or defences that simply will not be accepted in our courts.

I understand that your driver’s licence is often your livelihood. If there is anything I can do, or any loophole I can find, to protect you from losing your licence, I will certainly do that! I promise you I will leave no stone unturned in investigating your drink driving charge and possible defences. I will put up the strongest case for you and put you first!

Remember, if any potential prosecution is to be defended successfully, the sooner work begins on your defence the better. Don’t be tempted to forget about it and hope it will go away, it won’t !!!


Exceptional Outcomes

These are some of the high profile cases I have represented. Don’t worry, your case will probably not hit the media. These are either high profile cases, or cases with exceptional outcomes. We do everything in our power to avoid cases being published in the media.


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Seeking Legal Aid for Drink Driving? Contact Us Today!

If you have been charged with a drink driving offense in Melbourne, it’s crucial to have an experienced lawyer on your side. At MK Law Firm, we specialize in drink driving cases, providing expert legal advice and representation to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation. Our team of dedicated lawyers understands the complexities of drink driving laws and is committed to protecting your rights and minimizing the impact on your life.

Navigating the legal system can be daunting, but you don’t have to face it alone. MK Law Firm offers personalized legal services tailored to the unique circumstances of your case. We meticulously review every detail, from the accuracy of breathalyzer tests to the legality of the traffic stop, to build a strong defense. Our goal is to achieve the most favorable results for our clients, whether that means reduced charges, alternative sentencing, or even case dismissal.

Don’t let a drink driving charge derail your life. Contact MK Law Firm today and let our expert team guide you through this challenging time. Fill out our contact form or call us directly at 1800 130 120. We also provide a 24/7 Free Legal Advice to ensure that you always have access to critical legal advice when you need it the most.

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