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Excellent Court Representation (No demerit point or traffic fines advice)

If you are facing a driving suspended / disqualified charge, and have to appear in Court, Michael will do everything in his power to ensure you don’t end up with a prison term, and that you do not lose your licence any further. We are happy to say that most of our clients who we represent for this type of charge, end up with a terrific outcome, most don’t lose their licence any further, and can get on with life and work.

Michael prides himself on having an extensive & up to date knowledge on all drink driving issues, loopholes and upcoming legislation changes. His wealth of experience as a Melbourne drink driving lawyer will be used to personally ensure you receive the best advice and the best possible outcome to your case

A driver’s licence can be suspended for a variety of reasons including:

1. Accumulation of demerit points
2. Speeding over 25km/h
3. Non payment of fines
4. Immediate suspension following a drink driving offence.

If your licence has been suspended it is illegal to drive on a road or road related area in a vehicle class to which the suspended licence relates to.

If you are caught driving whilst serving a suspension period you can be charged with ‘drive while suspended’ which is dealt with by a court.

MK Law can provide 24/7 legal advice regarding charges of this nature by calling 1800 130 120 immediately.


Penalties for “drive while suspended”

The court has the discretion to impose a number of penalties for the charge of ‘drive while suspended’. These include hefty fines, terms of imprisonment, community work, and further licence cancellations. It is important to note that if you plead guilty (or are found guilty by the court) to the offence the court still has the discretion not to cancel your licence any further.

The court will consider several factors in determining whether you are an appropriate candidate to keep your driver’s licence. Factors such as your driving record, your good character, your need for a licence and your early plea of guilty. Of course, good representation is a must.

Exceptional Outcomes

These are some of the high profile cases I have represented. Don’t worry, your case will probably not hit the media. These are either high profile cases, or cases with exceptional outcomes. We do everything in our power to avoid cases being published in the media.

Exceptional Outcomes
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