What Our Clients Say?

We broke the law, we took the chance, and it all backfired, but we learned our lesson.

Thank you so much for believing our story, and for not judging, and for supporting us like a mate. We really all feared prison, and those nasty shower scenes. All three of us Michael have read your book on success, and mate you are completely right. There is no need for the party drugs, and the binge drinking. Life's too short, and we have set out that business and marketing plan, and the opening of our business is in three months. You will be a vip at the opening. Couldn't have got a better result thanks to you. I liked that you had respect but heaps of confidence too. Loved 'Success you can make it' One of the best books on success I have ever read; and I've read many. I can not thank you enough not just for being an excellent lawyer, but for being there for us, for listening, and for not only keeping us out of the can, but for changing our lives for the better and giving us a whole new direction. We'll keep you informed about the restaurant. Take good care, and never change your style. You are a credit to your profession !
Marty & the boys
Thanks for all of your hard work on my matter, I was very happy with the outcome yesterday you did a great job.

I am so wrapped that the magistrate didn't take my licence for too much longer. I was a dickhead and made plenty of mistakes in the past, but thanks to that long talk we had after the case, I have really put down my goals, and made a lot of great changes. I am really happy I met you Michael - I never thought that Lawyers were like you. Hopefully I will never need your services again but if I do I will give you a call. I will not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends if they face a similar situation. Your service was worth every cent, and I'm glad that the fine was so small.
My wife Debra and I wish to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mate, you are too good to be a lawyer. As you know the nature of the charges against my wife were extremely serious, and the whole process of being charged, fingerprinted and processed like a real crook shattered her. She mucked up and cooked up the books, but at the end of the day, I really believe that the underlying grief and the death of her sister had a great impact on her crimes. She has lived with a very real and constant fear of prison most of this year, which has exhausted her and stressed her out even more. The purpose of this email is to congratulate you for being real, and for giving us a fresh start. The case Michael was handled so professionally, and you really gave Debra some great tips on how to deal with the wait. I want to thank your firm, for the extraordinary work you have all done. It must have been Karma, that I found your add in yellow pages. The book fell on the ground, and the page openend up with your smiling face looking at us. I am glad that we have put this challenge behind us now. Today is a new day. Well done Michael for seeing your job as a calling rather then a money pit. I wish more people in your profession were more real, down to earth and non pretentious.
Top work!
Just a short note to thank you for your guidance and expertise with my case.

My friends want to thank you too. A criminal record would have had a very negative impact on our student visa, and our future in this country would have been ruined. (of course due to our stupidity of getting involved in shoplifting) It always makes matters a lot easier to work with someone who is open, honest and down to earth and who doesn't judge people. I always felt confident that you would be a friend and help us get a no conviction outcome. All three of us are greatful that we can stay in Australia to create successful futures thanks to you. We love India, but Australia has far more opportunities. We will always be greatful and forward your good name to the rest of the Indian community. Best wishes and good luck, PS We all enjoyed the book very much.
our sincere blessings and thanks are coming to you from the whole family for helping Adam

For a good young man, lacking in self-confidence and having experienced the whole police charging process, it made him feel a lot better about the whole business to know that you felt that an injustice had been done to him. Everyone just said plead guilty, plead guilty; but you said on this occasion that would be the wrong thing to do. We still cannot believe it has turned out so well and we know without your guidance on this, it may have been a whole different story. Thanks for acting like a mentor during this three month wait before the court case, and for taking the time out to give Adam your tips on leading a successful and happy life. Those tips have really worked, and in the last couple of months Adam has transformed his life completely. You are a miracle worker. Thank you.
Paul & Sonia
I wish to thank you for an excellent result in my sons matter.

The outcome is thanks to your hard work and, from what I have heard, the attention you have given to the matter throughout its duration. I am happy that the real situation came out in court, and not what the prosecutors alleged.
Given up the grog completely ! And feeling much better too.

Thank you for your representation in my drink driving charge. I have been thinking about the result and wondering just how we I managed to escape a prison term. I feel truly blessed. I greatly appreciate your counsel in achieving this wonderful outcome, and for giving me some life advice, and how to get over my depression. Like you said, life is a short journey, and that I should live a life free of fear, and just be happy being myself. I have started doing that. You're wonderful and if I may say so from the bottom of my heart - You are one of the best lawyers on the planet. Best wishes to you and your family.
I just wanted to pass onto you my warmest and heart felt Thank You.

Your professional attitude, approach, experience and guidance throughout my case was a direct link to achieving that top outcome. I was amazed that the judge allowed me to keep my licence after having such a shitty traffic history. It was really great how you pointed out what I told you about wanting a fresh start, and putting all this crap behind me. It was great to see that you actually spoke to people, and got a lot of the charges dropped, rather then just walking into court, like my previous lawyer. Mick, I'm glad three of my mates referred me to you, you're a good man. Once again, I really appreciate what you have done for me, and my life has really started taking on a new and better direction thanks to your kind advice and life tips. Thanks heaps again.
Your performance was stupendous.

Please let me take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely on behalf of myself and my son Stewart, for the effort you put into achieving the very pleasing outcome in this matter. To be honest your performance was stupendous. It was a delight to watch you in action. I don't think that I will ever forget it. I have placed your business card in a safe place (should I ever need to contact you again). In the meantime I will most certainly recommend you to all those I know, and we are watching your show, 'A life in Crime' every week, enjoying the special life messages you share with the viewers. Well done Michael, on being more then just a lawyer, but really taking the time out to get Stewart's life back on track. I was so happy that I was given your name, because when I did the ring around, every lawyer I spoke to mainly spoke about the money. It was all about the money, and not my son. I take my hat of to you for that. Good luck with all your future projects Michael. I don't know where you find the time.
Stephen J.
David and I were so impressed with the way you presented the case that resulted in the positive outcome.

Again, thank you very much for the top effort at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court yesterday. David and I were so impressed with the way you presented the case that resulted in the positive outcome in yesterdays court appearance. I am tremendously pleased. As you are aware, the case was not with out its difficulties, However you presented with considerable effort that may well have swayed the court to rule in my favor. Clearly you are a skilled barrister and respected leader in the community of which I am very grateful. It was of great comfort to have you represent me in this matter and made an unpleasant experience bearable. Well done Michael, you did a top job, and am grateful for the respect, skill and kindness you exercised. You are worth you weight in diamonds, furthermore I will ( with your permission of course) highly recommend you personally and the services of your office to anyone who may have to face court in the future. Thanks also for keeping the costs down. Most lawyers charge like wounded bulls. Wow. I thought all lawyers were stiffnecks, but you are a real person ! Good work
Thank you sincerely for your legal representation over the past six months for our daughter Natalie.

As we now know, a case at the County court takes a long time, and this was one of the most challenging experiences for our whole family. While we have been distraught over our daughters actions, we have come to deeply appreciate your professional and sensitive handling of the whole matter for us. We are very pleased and thankful with the outcome for our daughter. This result has given all of us new hope for the future, and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being not just our lawyer, but also treating us like true friends. On behalf of our whole family and our children, may I express our thanks and appreciation for your personal support and professionalism in handling what has been for us a most difficult time. God bless you. You really are more than a lawyer.
God bless you for bringing more justice to the land in which we live.

Thank you so much for taking time out to spend time and talk to my son about the grief and loss he has been going through. Thank you also for inspiring him with your success book, and giving him tips to make the most of life. You truly are heaven sent ! Although my son got in trouble with the law, Bevan really is a good person; I'm glad you saw that. I am also glad the magistrate saw it too. Brilliant representation; 10 out of 10.
Thanks for keeping my licence too. I have referred you to all my mates.

Just a quick note to thank you and your firm for the professionalism you have shown in handling my matter. You are definitely a firm of choice that I would recommend ALL to.